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Hello everyone!

I have turned on emoticons for the site.  You can insert an emoticon using the emoticon button at the top of the text editor (it looks like a smiley face), or you can type the ascii characters.  Below is a table containing all the currently supported emoticons that you can use in forums, assignments texts, labels, essentially anywhere you can use the text editor.  I hope these emoticons help everyone enjoy typing in Moodle more and be more expressive in their typing.  Do not use spaces when typing the ascii characters, I had to insert the spaces so that the text did not get automatically converted to an image.

Also, I have updated the auto save feature to save automatically every 15 seconds.  This may change in the future depending on feedback and system performance.

Moodle Supported Emoticons
Text (don't use spaces)Alt TextImage
: - )smileysmile
: )smileysmile
: - Dbiggrinbig grin
; - )winkwink
: - /mixedmixed
V - .thoughtfulthoughtful
: - Ptongueouttongueout
: - ptongueouttongueout
B - )coolcool
^ - )approveapprove
8 - )wideeyeswide eyes
: o )clownclown
: - (sadsad
: (sadsad
8 - .shyshy
: - |blushblush
: - Xkisskiss
8 - osurprisesurprise
P - |blackeyeblack eye
8 - [angryangry
( g r r )angryangry
x x - Pdeaddead
| - .sleepysleepy
} - ]evilevil
( h )heartheart
( h e a r t )heartheart
( y )yesYes
( n )noNo
( m a r t i n )martinmartin
(  )eggegg

Thank you,

Nicholas Conklin
LMS Admin
(325) 793-4982