Workarounds for Files Over 5MB

Over the summer, the maximum file size that students can upload for assignments is 5MB.  The website will not allow me to make exceptions on a class by class basis.  I know that previously the limit was set to 50MB, but that is too high and not acceptable (My entire COSC-1306 course is only 3.3MB, and I have lectures and assignments every week).  Our Moodle site is a pig when it comes to storage and this could cause massive migration problems down the road if we ever change who manages Moodle and how they manage it.

For those of you who must submit files for assignments that are over 5MB, I have the following suggestions:


    • Upload your file to a cloud service.  This will work for all file types, images, slide shows, word docs, spreadsheets, videos, audio, etc..
      • everyone gets a free cloud account with Microsoft for being at McMurry.  You can access your Microsoft OneDrive account by going to the Productivity tab at the top of Moodle, or by going to (MS OneDrive sharing instructions)
      • Google Drive is also free up to 15GB of storage.  If you have a Gmail account or a YouTube account, you should already have a Google Drive account.  You can access your Google Drive account by going to the Productivity tab at the top of Moodle, or by going to  (Google Drive sharing instructions)
      • If you are working with video, YouTube is free and works on every platform.  Upload your video there and adjust your sharing options as well.  Share the link to the video.  (YouTube sharing instructions)
    • After you have uploaded the file, you must adjust the sharing settings for the file to allow people who have the link to view the file, NOT EDIT.
    • Share this link with you teacher via email, or if they have the assignment setup in Moodle, put the link there.


    • Make sure that if your assignment requires a large file where students must use the above workaround, that you adjust your assignment settings 'Submission types' to allow 'Online text' so that students can paste a link to their file in the cloud.


    • If you are working with PowerPoint, you can export your PowerPoint as a PDF by doing the following:
      • Open you PowerPoint file
      • click on 'File' -> 'Export' -> 'Create PDF/XPS Document'
      • A window will open titled 'Publish as PDF or XPS
      • there should be 2 optimization options
        • Standard (Publishing online and printing), this will reduce the size quite a bit
        • Minimum size (Publishing online), this will drastically reduce the size of the file.
      • Click on 'Publish'
      • Upload your new PDF file to the assignment on Moodle.

I will put all of this on the Home page for Moodle ass well with some screen shots.

I hope this helps everyone.  If you have questions, please let me know.

Thank you.

Nicholas Conklin
LMS Administrator

Last modified: Wednesday, September 8, 2021, 12:02 PM